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Adoption is something many couples would consider a leap of faith, and it can be physically, emotionally, mentally, and emotionally demanding. While adoption can be a roller-coaster ride of good days and bad days, it all pays off when you see your family’s dreams come true.

Mother and daughter Every adopting parent’s journey is unique, and for those based here in Columbus, it can be a particularly challenging ride. Ohio is one of only four US states that require all adoptive placements to be made by departments and agencies that have been licensed by the state or have met certain standards. This means that adoption lawyers play a vital role in the placement and arrangement of adoptions.

Whether you’re seeking a biological adoption, international adoption, step-parent adoption, second-parent adoption, grandparent adoption, or relative adoption, a competent attorney can help you navigate the complex legal processes and provide you the information and insight that you need to make informed decisions.

Adoption can be quite a taxing ordeal filled with questions and uncertainty, but it doesn’t have to be entirely out of your hands. With the expert guidance and assistance of a skilled adoption attorney throughout your adoption journey, you can confidently take the next steps closer to experiencing the fulfillment and joy of a successful adoption.

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International & Birth Parent Adoption

Father and child International and birth parent adoptions are among the most difficult to obtain. They involve children who aren’t already a part of your immediate or extended family, and they add a whole new layer of requirements to the entire process: dossier, paperwork, documentation, reports, compliance to the adoption laws of other places or countries, etc.

Having the professional insight and assistance of a trusted Columbus family law office is essential when it comes to procedures as complicated and delicate as international and biological adoptions.

Step-Parent & Co-Parent Adoption

Columbus Step Parent Adoption Blended families are becoming increasingly common, which is likely why step-parent and co-parent adoptions are the most common type of Ohio adoptions. Step-parent adoption, the most popular, is when a person wishes to have a legally binding relationship with the biological child of their spouse following a divorce, remarriage, absent father, or other situation.

Co-parent or second-parent adoption, however, can be more complicated for Columbus residents. It is when an unmarried person wishes to adopt the biological or adopted child of their partner. Second-parent adoption is an option for unmarried same-sex couples. However, such adoption type is not allowed in a number of US states, including Ohio. Ohio instead offers LGBTQ couples the option to have a shared custody agreement, or get married and pursue a step-parent adoption.

Adoption laws vary from one state to another, and it’s important that you get the right information from the right people before you take your next step. With the help of an established Columbus family lawyer, you can be sure to have the knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind that you need as you pursue legally recognized parental rights.

Grandparent & Relative Adoption

Columbus Grandfather Adoption In cases where one or both parents are not able to fulfill their parental roles, a grandparent or relative can sometimes step in to take over in to care for and raise the child. This is where grandparent/relative or kinship adoption comes in.

Adoption can only take place after parental rights have been terminated. In the state of Ohio, parents may voluntarily relinquish these rights and allow kinship adoption to take place. Under certain circumstances such as abandonment, however, the state can also file a motion to involuntarily terminate a parent’s rights.

To help you discover the best decisions regarding the child’s welfare, education, health, and other necessary benefits, it’s important that you seek sound counsel and excellent legal representation from Panico Law Group, LLC.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Adoption Lawyer

Whichever type of adoption you are planning to go for, having a compassionate Columbus adoption lawyer by your side during the entire legal process is key to a successful and efficient outcome.

Columbus Adoption Attorneys logo 2 300x120You’ll need one who can help you make timely, well-informed decisions as you go through each paperwork requirement, each meeting with social workers, each court hearing, and each form submission. Adoption can be a long and winding road for many, but having a knowledgeable and experienced adoption attorney on the journey with you will make the trip worthwhile.

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