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unhappy couple arguingDivorce can get messy and extremely complicated, especially if alimony enters the discussion. If you are now separating from the person you once believed in happy endings with, it is understandable that things can turn emotionally stressful. You might just want to forget everything and have nothing to do with your former spouse anymore. Unfortunately, it won’t be that easy. During a divorce, a lot of important things need discussion. One of these things is the alimony payment.

Panico Law Group, LLC knows that this is specifically a difficult concern to settle. You might be the one who demands to be financially supported by your former spouse. Or you might be the spouse whose last thing you want to do is to unfairly provide for your ex-spouse financially. Whichever you stand at this point, we are here to help. We have expert alimony attorneys who are equipped and ready to help you get a favorable alimony agreement. If you find yourself lost on how to deal with alimony issues, do not think twice about talking to us.

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Understanding Alimony

Alimony is also referred to as spousal support. This is ongoing financial support that a former spouse is legally ordered to pay the other after a divorce process. In some cases, a payment plan can be agreed on by both spouses. However, others are unable to reach an agreement, and the court has to intervene and order a payment plan for them. When it comes to this matter, the service of an expert alimony attorney is even more necessary to help secure the best possible result.

Alimony can be paid in the form of personal property. It doesn’t necessarily pertain to monetary remittances alone. When paid with money, however, it can be done by giving a lump sum of money or by paying through installments. The court must determine a fair amount for an alimony agreement and for how long it will be paid. To ensure that you get a favorable result, you need the legal assistance of an expert alimony attorney.

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Calculating Alimony Payments in Harrisburg

Columbus Divorce AttorneysUnder the Ohio family law, there are no set guidelines in determining alimony payments. However, courts are legally required to assume that both spouses equally contributed to the marriage. It can be financial, child care, or homemaking contributions.

The following are the factors that courts may consider in determining the type, amount, duration, and manner of alimony payments:

  • The income of each spouse (including income generated by properties)
  • The earning capacity of each spouse
  • Age of each spouse
  • Emotional, mental, and physical health of each spouse
  • Retirement benefits that each spouse will receive or currently receiving (if there is any)
  • Duration of marriage
  • Who will receive the primary child custody and whether or not it will affect that spouse’s ability to work
  • Living standards of each spouse during the marriage
  • Educational attainment of each spouse
  • Assets owned by each spouse
  • Debts of each spouse
  • Whether or not either spouse helped the other to earn, increased their income, acquire a professional degree, or receive training or education during the marriage
  • The cost and time it will take for a spouse to earn the training or education needed to land a job and become self-sufficient.
  • Whether a spouse decreased their ability to earn due to being the homemaker during the marriage
  • Effects of alimony on each of the spouse’s tax obligations

These are just some examples of what the court will consider in determining alimony. There are still other factors that may be added based on what the court deems necessary. For a full consultation, contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 to consult our Harrisburg alimony attorneys for free.

Duration of Alimony Payments

The duration of alimony payments is different in every case. The court will have to consider all the case-specific details before ordering a final alimony agreement. For cases where marriage duration is relatively short, the alimony may only last for as long as the case remains pending. For longer marriages, alimony payments may last longer as well.

Additionally, alimony payments can be terminated earlier than the original date ordered by the court. To know and fully understand what circumstances can cause this, consult an alimony attorney. Contact our alimony attorneys in Harrisburg at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation now.

Modification of Alimony Payments

Harrisburg Alimony Canva Couple Having A Misunderstanding 200x300Depending on how long the court determined the duration of the alimony payment, various circumstances may arise and call for some modifications in the alimony agreement.

The following situations may lead the court to reevaluate the agreement and modify the alimony payments:

  • The receiving spouse found a stable, good-paying job.
  • The paying spouse lost his/her job.
  • The paying spouse got a salary increase.
  • The salary of the paying spouse decreased.
  • The paying spouse has some unexpected medical expenses that hinder him/her from completing the required alimony payment.

Remember that only substantial changes in either of the spouse’s circumstances can lead to modifications. These changes must be enough to make the existing alimony agreement inappropriate or unachievable. Also, these circumstantial changes should not have been taken into consideration by the court before the initial awarding of alimony.

If you believe that the circumstances of your former spouse have changed, contact an alimony attorney. Their legal knowledge and expertise can help you prove in court that a modification in the alimony payments is needed. Contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation with a Harrisburg alimony attorney now.

Expert Alimony Attorneys in Harrisburg

When it comes to financial matters, Panico Law Group, LLC knows it can be hard to deal with, especially with a former spouse. That is why to lighten the stress it can have on you, our committed alimony attorneys are offering comprehensive legal services.

Our knowledge of Ohio family law will give you a clear understanding of what exactly you need to do. We will answer all of your questions and help you prepare for the legal process of reaching an alimony agreement. We will be providing legal guidance throughout the whole process. You can be certain that you are at a legal advantage as we represent you during negotiations and before the court.

In Panico Law Group, LLC, all our alimony attorneys are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for each one of our clients. We will take into account all of your specific needs and determine the next best legal action to take. From free consultations to representations before the court, we guarantee nothing but premium quality service for you. Our firm has the solution for your every concern about alimony in Harrisburg, OH.

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Harrisburg Alimony logo 2 300x120After a divorce, suffering from financial insufficiency is the last thing you want. We, at Panico Law Group, LLC, understand that. That is why we are now offering our high-quality legal services to you. Make sure you reach the alimony agreement that works for you in the most convenient way. Acquire legal help from an expert today.

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