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Struggling with idea of divorceNot all marriages are destined to last forever. That’s just a fact. If you are unfortunately facing the end of your marriage, an annulment can be an appropriate way to do it. Like all marriages don’t have the same fate, not all troubled marriages will end in divorce. In some circumstances, filing for annulment is the best choice. If you are considering this choice yourself, you will need the service of an expert annulment attorney.

In Panico Law Group, LLC, we have the exact quality of service you need to legally succeed in an annulment case in Harrisburg. Our attorneys have expertly handled various annulment cases before. We never leave a client with the least favorable result possible for their case.

We will be the best legal assistant as you deal with your annulment. In giving advice, preparing the necessary paperwork, and legally representing you before the court, we will serve in a way that will put you in a significant legal advantage. So if you want a smooth and successful annulment process, choose to work with us today.

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Understanding Annulment

Annulment is an entirely different legal process from divorce or dissolution of marriage. When a court declared a certain marriage as annulled, it is legally stating that there was never a marriage in the first place. Like divorce, an annulment will effectively end a marriage. However, this will happen in a different way. An annulment will declare a marriage as invalid since the date it happened, making the marriage legally unexisting. Marriages can be subject to annulment if there is a legal defect that occurred by the time that the union happened. And although annulment is not appropriate for every situation, some cases will be resolved best through this option.

Grounds for Annulment in Harrisburg

Harrisburg Annulment Lawyer Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165A successful annulment process will effectively erase the marriage from a legal standpoint. In the eyes of the law, the annulled marriage never happened. However, an annulment can be hard to attain. Harrisburg, OH has particularly very specific criteria when it comes to awarding annulment. The state law recognizes several grounds for annulment that fit into either one of two categories: void and voidable marriages.

Grounds for Void Marriages

Void marriages are considered illegal under the Ohio family law. This means that no actions done by the spouses can make the marriage valid. Marriages are considered void if the following is involved:

  • Incest
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Bigamy or polygamy

Grounds for Voidable Marriages

Voidable marriages are considered legally valid but can be declared as void due to some circumstances. However, grounds for voidable marriages won’t be taken into consideration by the court if the spouses continue to live together after the circumstances in question are discovered. Marriages are voidable if the following occurred:

  • One or both spouses were underaged during the time of the marriage.
  • The marriage was consummated.
  • A spouse was mentally incapable to consent the marriage properly.
  • The marriage was done through force or fraud.

Additionally, the following should be remembered when filing for annulment:

  • If one or both spouses were underaged at the time of the union, an annulment must be filed within two years after the formerly underaged spouse reached the legal age of consent.
  • If both spouses continued to live together by choice after reaching the age of consent, a claim for annulment based on the grounds of being underaged would be waived.
  • Similarly, if the spouses continue to cohabitate after the fraud is discovered, the marriage cannot be annulled on the grounds of fraud.

If you want to clarify whether your marriage can be annulled or not, talk to a local annulment attorney. Contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation with a Harrisburg annulment attorney now.

Annulment Process in Harrisburg

Harrisburg Annulment Lawyer divorce attorney segment optimizedThere are two kinds of annulment under the Ohio family law: annulment for void marriages and annulment for voidable marriages.

Void marriages are immediately declared invalid. They do not require a court order to be annulled. On the other hand, voidable marriages can be annulled in Ohio after a trial and a hearing before a judge. To start the annulment process, court forms must be completed, and a petition must be filed. You will then have to serve the forms to your spouse. After that, you next need to set a date for a court hearing.

There is paperwork to be filled to prove the grounds for annulment. Additionally, a court hearing complete with needed documents and witnesses is necessary to reinforce the claim for annulment. In some cases, a parent can be the one who files for annulment if his/her child was underaged, and the marriage was done without his/her consent. This is also true if the spouse is mentally impaired.

To fully understand the annulment process in Harrisburg, OH, contact a local annulment attorney. They can help you prepare for what will happen in the actual legal process. Contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation with a Harrisburg annulment attorney now.

Effects of Annulment on Children

In Ohio, although a particular marriage is already invalid after an annulment, the legitimacy of the children born during the marriage is unaffected. Moreover, an annulment will not affect child custody and child support. It will instead establish a presumption of paternity. If you want to know more about the effects of annulment on your family, talk to a professional annulment attorney.

Expert Annulment Attorneys in Harrisburg

Panico Law Group, LLC has a team of expert annulment attorneys who are experienced in handling annulment cases. With our knowledge, expertise, and dedication, we are confident that our comprehensive legal service is among the best in Harrisburg, OH. We will provide you with your much needed legal guidance and assist you in the whole annulment process. Whenever you can’t understand something, we will concisely explain it to you in a clear manner. You wouldn’t walk through this legal procedure blindly.

Additionally, you wouldn’t have to burden yourself with too much legal jargon than you can handle. We will take the lead in making the necessary legal actions for your case. This will be done, of course, after carefully taking into account all of your needs and unique circumstances. So if you are dealing with an annulment case right now, or about to, work with the annulment attorneys of Panico Law Group, LLC, we guarantee a legal service that will result in a satisfying resolution.

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Harrisburg Annulment Lawyer logo 2 300x120Annulment cases aren’t exactly pieces of cake to handle. Aside from the emotional stress, it can put a financial and mental strain on you. After a troubled marriage, we understand that that’s the last thing you want. That is why Panico Law Group, LLC is here to ease your legal problem! To start working with us, do not hesitate to start a conversation.

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