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The state of Ohio takes children’s welfare very seriously, aiming to ensure that each child is fed well, clothed well, cared for properly, and has access to the best quality of life possible. This is why the state has laws and guidelines in place to ensure that the needs of children whose parents are divorcing or divorced are properly met.

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Similar to other states in the US, Ohio laws comply with strict child support guidelines. And while many Columbus residents know this, they may not be familiar with the new law that has overhauled the state’s child support system. House Bill 366, which passed the Ohio House on June 7, 2018, is the first update to the child support system in 26 years and it brings along with it significant changes in how child support is calculated.

With the major changes going on in the Ohio Child Support Guidelines, you will need the expert guidance and practical advice of an experienced family lawyer to let you know exactly what you are legally responsible for paying for and legally entitled to receive.

Safeguard your family’s future and your personal funds as you navigate the legal intricacies of child support in Columbus with a trusted local Ohio child support attorney by your side. If you are working through a divorce, and need assistance with support and custody as part of your case, we can support you fully.

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Child Support Calculation

father and daughter working togetherThere are many factors impacting the amount of child support that one needs to pay or is entitled to claim. As Ohio child support attorneys and legal experts, Panico Law Group, LLC will help you understand the legal guidelines surrounding your potential support obligation, and help you get a clear picture of the impact support will have on your finances.

As in many US states, Ohio’s guidelines in child support calculations include:

  • The number of children involved.
  • The needs of each child.
  • Daycare, health insurance, and other necessary expenses.
  • How much each parent earns and spends.
  • The parent’s ability to pay child support.
  • The child’s standard of living prior to the separation, annulment, or divorce.

However, things are now a bit more complicated for Columbus parents because of the recent revision of the Ohio Child Support Guidelines. Some of the changes you may be impacted by include:

  • An increase in the minimum monthly amount of child support from $50 to $80 for new orders.
  • A possible increase in child support amount for parents who make more money.
  • A possible decrease in child support amount for parents who split parenting time, and spend significant time with their kids.
  • A possible increase in child support amount for parents who pay child support to multiple people.

And these changes aren’t automatic—you still need to update your payments through a county child support enforcement agency or court. There are many more details that you need to know about but might struggle grasping if you get your information from lengthy, technical legal documents. This is why it’s so important that you partner with an accomplished Columbus family law attorney who has years of experience in handling child support cases.

Child Support Enforcement

father tightly hugging childIt’s one thing to get child support orders established; it’s quite another to get them enforced. The state of Ohio faces $100 million every year in unpaid support, as well as numerous non-custodial parents avoiding wage garnishments by going into the underground economy. For many parents, child support obligations can have a huge impact on the finances…and the non-receipt of child support can be an especially heavy burden to bear.

When you’re struggling with getting child support, a trusted family law firm that’s proven to successfully handle child support enforcement cases is where you should go. Panico Law Group, LLC is here to guide and assist you in obtaining the support that the courts have duly awarded you.

If you are starting to have difficulties in paying child support or are starting to get behind in your obligations, it’s important that you contact an experienced attorney for help as well. Our team of accomplished lawyers in Panico Law Group, LLC can help show you what your legal options are and assist you with child support modification and necessary settlements.

Child Support Modification

Mother and daughterIn Ohio, parents who are obligated to pay child support may request to have their support obligation modified only if there is a substantial change in their circumstances—either regarding their income or the child’s needs. This could apply to paying parents who got laid off from work, or had a change in income amount, or had become incapacitated in some way. This could also apply to receiving parents who are looking at a cost increase in the child’s health insurance or child care.

If you think that your current situation warrants a modification to your child support order, get in touch with Panico Law Group, LLC so we can address whatever concerns you may have, provide you with sound legal advice, and closely guide you as you petition the court for any modification.

Your Columbus Child Support Lawyers

For any parent, filing for, calculating, obtaining, enforcing, and modifying child support can be a daunting task. And though it must be done, you don’t have to do it alone. Panico Law Group, LLC has been in the legal service industry and have successfully handled child support cases for many years now, so we know what you’re going through and we know exactly how to help you get started.

Columbus Child Support Attorneys panico logo content areaIf you already have a child support arrangement in place, but you have some concerns about it, we’re ready to help. Whether you’re the parent responsible for paying child support or the one receiving it, it’s very important that you clearly understand what your rights are when it comes to child support in the state of Ohio. Our experienced lawyers here at Panico Law Group, LLC are here for you and can provide the competent legal advice and careful guidance that you need.

If you need any legal support or assistance with child support in Columbus, just let us know. Panico Law Group, LLC is dedicated to supporting you and your family in securing your financial future.

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