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While no divorce is ever easy, high-asset and high-profile divorce cases can be even more complex. Business owners, executives, and professionals find that the stakes are especially high. Protecting your interests, assets, and children is our top priority.

If you have substantial assets or property, or are concerned with protecting your public image during one of the most challenging times of your life, Panico Law Group, LLC is here for you. Our dedicated and experienced attorneys are the ideal partners for you.

At Panico Law Group, LLC, we are dedicated to helping you get or keep what you have worked so hard to earn. Whether you are the primary breadwinner or the spouse, we understand that sacrifices have been made and you deserve your fair share of marital assets and shared property. If you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible results for your complex divorce case, all while maintaining a low-profile, Panico Law Group, LLC is the right Columbus complex divorce law firm for you.

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Complexities of High-Asset Divorce

Columbus High-Asset & Complex Divorce Attorneys divorce image 06 300x200While every divorce case has its own set of complications, high-asset and high-income divorce can be especially complex. You may have personal and business assets, significant pre-marital assets, assets protected by pre-nuptial agreements, or substantial business and partnership assets where your divorce can impact the future of your business and interests of your partners and other stakeholders.

The complexities of high-asset divorce may include:

  • Division of property such as homes, real estate, or business assets
  • Division of retirement accounts, pension plans, & 401(k) plans
  • Review of off-shore accounts and international assets
  • Forensic accounting analysis of bank accounts and records to ensure accuracy & transparency
  • Short-term or long-term spousal support (alimony) agreements
  • Child support & child custody arrangements

Panico Law Group, LLC handles all aspects of Ohio divorce mattersโ€”from answering your questions, to guiding you through alternative dispute resolution and mediation, to litigating for you in court. We protect your privacy, your assets, your interests, and your relationship with your children through dedicated, experienced, and diligent family law support as your Columbus High-Asset Divorce Attorneys.

High Income & Business Owner Divorce

Columbus divorce and family law attorneysBusiness owner divorce, high profile divorce, and high net worth divorce often call for additional scrutiny during the discovery phase of the divorce or dissolution process. Detailed financial documentation, business appraisals, and asset valuation of real estate, business assets, and other properties need to be taken in order to determine appropriate and fair asset distribution.

Ohio is an equitable distribution state. When spouses are unable to reach an agreement about fair distribution of their marital property, the court then determines what it believes to be an equitable distribution between the two spouses. In order to protect your interests, and most coveted assets, it is important that you work with a high-asset divorce law firm that understands how to negotiate and utilize assets as bargaining chips.

We help you determine what assets are most desired, what assets you expect the other party to desire most, and the best strategies to get the results you desire at the negotiation table. We make every effort to avoid having your assets distributed according to the whims and uncertainties of the court system.

Our Columbus family law attorneys at Panico Law Group, LLC are extra meticulous when it comes to high-income divorce cases. We have the expertise, experience, and drive to fight for our clientsโ€™ fair share of the marital estate.

Your Columbus Complex Divorce Lawyers

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If you are considering divorce, or believe your spouse is considering leaving you, now is the time to make sure your affairs are in order. We can help you understand how to best navigate your complex divorce case, giving you the best possible chance of retaining your most desired assets.

Panico Law Group, LLC are your Columbus high-asset divorce attorneys, with the expertise, dedication, and drive to protect your interests, privacy, and assets during this challenging time.

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