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Reynoldsburg Legal Separation Lawyer

Reynoldsburg Legal Separation Lawyer bench nature love people 50592 300x198Divorce isn’t the endgame for all troubled marriages. Sometimes, it’s legal separation. Ending your relationship with your spouse might be the best solution you can see. However, there might be some things that aren’t favorable for you if you opt for divorce.

Maybe it is your religious beliefs that are holding you back from going through a divorce process. Or perhaps it is the benefits you can get from staying married that’s stopping you from legally ending your marriage. Whatever your reason is, you need a legal separation attorney.

A legal expert can always give you invaluable counsel that will direct you on the right path when it comes to dealing with legal procedures. If you still aren’t sure about getting a legal separation, it is all the more important to contact an attorney.

In Panico Law Group, LLC, we have a team of committed legal separation attorneys that is always ready to help you. We have an amazing history of successful cases, and we guarantee the same for you. If you are considering undergoing the legal separation process in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, work with one of our commendable attorneys to ensure satisfactory results.

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Understanding Legal Separation

If you want to pursue a legal separation, the process will involve addressing the following concerns:

  • Terms of child custody arrangements
  • Details of child support and spousal support
  • Inventory of assets and property division

Although this information is also dealt with in a divorce, the legal separation process is significantly different from divorce. During a legal separation, the couple will remain legally married despite choosing to end their romantic relationship and to live separately. Contrary to divorce, a legal separation does not officially end your marriage. In the eyes of the law, both of you are still husband and wife.

Choosing Legal Separation Over Divorce

Reynoldsburg Legal Separation Lawyer Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Couples choose legal separation over divorce for several reasons. One obvious advantage of choosing legal separation is the time it gives to allow spouses to think and settle their issues. During the separation time, you and your spouse will be able to properly decide on the best way to deal with your marriage.

Legal separation is the best choice if you and your spouse are still not sure about getting a divorce. If, later on, you both decide that you still want to live together as husband and wife, legal separation can be easily reversed. However, if you decide that divorce is best for your marriage, legal separation can also facilitate a smoother divorce process.

Another reason for choosing legal separation are religious beliefs and personal convictions. Whether it’s you or your spouse that opposes the concept of divorce, legal separation can be the next best option. Moreover, the set of benefits from remaining legally married is a huge factor why people choose legal separation over divorce. This is because while divorce terminates a dependent spouse’s benefits from the other spouse’s plans, a legal separation doesn’t. Some plans will still provide the dependent with the right to claim their benefits.

Also, a legal separation will make each of the spouse’s accumulated properties and debts their own. They would not be considered as marital properties anymore. This is another advantage of legal separation. You can get the benefits from staying legally married with your spouse without having to divide with him/her your hard-earned properties after the legal separation process.

If you want a more comprehensive guide to legal separation, contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 now. Our expert legal separation attorneys will provide consultations for free.

Legal Separation Process in Reynoldsburg

Reynoldsburg Legal Separation Lawyer Canva Two Hands with Mark X 300x225Legal separation is a court order declaring that a husband and wife have decided to live separately yet will remain legally married. The legal separation process is practically identical to that of a divorce. The court will similarly order the following:

  • Division of assets and debts
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Parenting time

The key difference between the divorce and legal separation processes is that after a divorce, both you and your spouse are free to remarry. This is because your marriage will no longer be legally recognized. After a legal separation, on the other hand, you and your spouse are still legally treated as married. This will prohibit both of you from marrying other people.

However, you or your spouse can always go to court if you later decide to proceed with a divorce. That way, both of you are free to marry anyone you wish again. If you want to proceed with legal separation, you will have to file your case in the court. A separation agreement should be completed as a crucial step in the whole legal separation process.

Once you and your spouse later decided to get divorced, these separation agreements will be the court’s basis to know what works and what doesn’t for both of you. This is why the separation agreements must be agreeable to both parties and filled with comprehensive information.

You shouldn’t take the whole process lightly. It is best to acquire legal guidance to make sure you go through the process the right way. Contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation with an expert legal separation attorney now.

Expert Legal Separation Attorneys in Reynoldsburg

Panico Law Group, LLC knows that consequent settlements from failed relationships are not easy to handle. You need expert help to reduce your stress and save your time and money. That is what our services are for. We are passionate when it comes to helping our clients. Our team of legal separation attorneys is committed to giving you peaceful and favorable conclusions for your case.

We understand that your needs are different from those of our other clients. With that said, we will work to give you the appropriate advice every time you need it. Being at a legal disadvantage will never be your worry. We will be your dependable legal assistant as you navigate through every term of the legal separation process.

Panico Law Group, LLC guarantees a proactive and personalized approach in dealing with your concerns. Aside from giving wise counsel, we will negotiate on your behalf, draft necessary documents, and legally represent you in court in the best way we can. Whatever your need or issue is when it comes to separation, working with our legal separation attorneys is a decision you will never regret.

Free Legal Consultation

Reynoldsburg Legal Separation Lawyer logo 2 300x120Choosing to undergo legal separation is a personal, emotional decision. However, understanding what this decision legally implicates is crucial as you go through the process. To help you take appropriate legal actions, and have a smoother transition to a separate life from your spouse, work with our Reynoldsburg legal separation attorneys.

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