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Dublin Parenting Plan Lawyer affection baby baby girl beautiful 377058 300x199If you already failed as a husband or wife, it isn’t desirable to fail as a parent as well. When it comes to taking care of your children’s welfare, it is best to establish an effective parenting plan that will address all of their needs. It is a widely accepted truth that it is in the children’s best interests to have both parents involved in their lives. Whether or not you want nothing to do with your former spouse anymore wouldn’t matter.

For most families, probably including yours, working with your former spouse in raising the children remains the most appropriate course of action. Ohio courts tend to award shared parenting arrangements whenever applicable for this very reason. In this agreement, also known as joint custody, both you and your former spouse will share decision-making and parenting authority for your children. This has been proven to protect the children’s relationship with both parents.

You want to give your children the best lives. The good thing is, even if you are now separated from their father or mother, you can still do it. Make a comprehensive parenting plan that will address their current and future needs. Do not settle for less when it comes to your children. To ensure you do the process right, work with a Dublin parenting plan attorney since their legal guidance is invaluable.

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Understanding Shared Parenting Plan

Custody cases in Dublin, OH require a parenting plan that will detail how both parents will share the rights and responsibilities in raising their children. Shared parenting is the usual answer to child-related issues during divorce or dissolution cases. However, sole child custody can still be agreed on or ordered by the court.

In a shared parenting plan, a parent will be named as the residential parent and the other as the non-residential parent. The residential parent will provide the primary residence for the children. The non-residential, on the other hand, will still have a significant, almost equal role when it comes to decision making, child support, and parenting time and responsibilities.

There will be a set parenting schedule between you and your former spouse. This will establish some kind of normalcy in your children’s lives despite their parents already living separately. Also, with a set schedule, you and your children can plan for when you will be together. Eventually, a shared parenting plan will give your children maximum exposure with you and your former spouse.

Because it is them that will be most affected, it is then important that your parenting plan is beneficial for your children. If you and your former spouse are creating a shared parenting plan, keep these goals in mind:

  • Don’t leave out any important details. Make sure to address all parenting concerns.
  • Consider your former spouse’s ideas. Try to keep a peaceful negotiation environment.
  • Define each of your roles and responsibilities clearly.
  • Make sure that the details are clear and wouldn’t give room for confusion or misinterpretation.
  • Create a plan that is practical and could accommodate real-life circumstances.
  • If disagreements arise, agree to mediation.

To minimize—if not eradicate all—possible mistakes, it is recommended to work with a local parenting plan attorney. It can save you time and can reduce the overall stress of the whole process.

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Making a Shared Parenting Plan

Dublin Parenting Plan Lawyer woman carrying boy wearing yellow polo shirt 3905790 200x300If you and your former spouse can settle, you can draft a shared parenting plan together. If the judge finds it effective in ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of your children, he/she will turn the plan into an official court order. If your case ends up in trial, it will be the judicial officer who will develop a parenting plan. It will then be issued as part of the final court order. Moreover, you can choose to draft a parenting plan on your own. You can then decide to negotiate the terms with your former spouse or present them before the court.

Required Information in a Shared Parenting Plan in Dublin

A shared parenting plan must be comprehensive enough to address all possible scenarios that may arise in the future. This is crucial since your children will be staying in different residences from time to time.

When creating a shared parenting plan, make sure to address these areas at the very least:

  • Living arrangements between the children and each of the parent
  • Visitation schedule that is best for the children
  • Child care arrangements
  • Each of the parent’s right of first refusal
  • Holidays and vacation time with each parent
  • Children’s educational needs (transportation, homework help, etc.)
  • Communication method with a parent when the children are with the other parent
  • Children’s exposure to third parties (relatives, parent’s dating partner, etc.)
  • Children’s medical care
  • Consequent actions/procedure when a parent violates the custody agreement
  • How and when can the parenting plan be modified?

These are just some of the things you should consider. Your children have different needs than others. Make sure to tailor your shared parenting plan to address the unique circumstances of your family.

In addition to your children’s welfare, shared parenting plans will also affect health insurance, income tax dependency exemptions, and other financial issues. To ensure that you come up with the most favorable parenting plan, acquire some legal assistance.

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Benefits of Shared Parenting Plan

father supporting childHere are some of the top benefits of establishing a shared parenting plan:

  • It can create a stable environment where your children will grow.
  • It will reduce misunderstanding between you and your former spouse.
  • It leads to a consistent routine, which lessens the stress and anxiety both for you and your children.
  • Your children will have stronger relationships with you and your former spouse.
  • There will be more balanced parenting. One parent will not be limited to weekend visits, and the other won’t have to handle the daily responsibilities alone.
  • There will be lower loyalty conflicts with children when it comes to their parents.
  • Your children will have reduced feelings of loss, rejection, or abandonment.

A shared parenting plan is generally considered best for children’s welfare and interests. It is more effective in meeting the family’s needs compared to a traditional parenting plan.

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Expert Parenting Plan Attorneys in Dublin

In Panico Law Group, LLC, we recognize the unique needs of your family, especially your children. That is why our team of dedicated parenting plan attorneys will work to ensure that you will have the most comprehensive and beneficial plan. We have extensive experience when it comes to providing effective legal services. Our in-depth knowledge of the law is also something we are proud of. Once you choose to work with us, we will provide everything you need to successfully finish the legal actions you need to make.

From free consultations to expert legal representation before the court, we guarantee nothing short of premium quality legal assistance. We always aim to give our clients the legal advantage they need for a favorable resolution in their cases. If you want to ensure a smooth process in creating the best parenting plan for your children, you’ve come to the right firm. Panico Law Group, LLC has some of the best parenting plan attorneys in Dublin.

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Dublin Parenting Plan Lawyer logo 2 300x120Interacting with your former spouse can be messy and painful. Both of your emotions can elevate, and heated arguments may arise. However, when it comes to raising your children, both of you still have to work together. To reduce your stress and save yourself from the complicated legal jargon, don’t hesitate to hire a legal expert. You don’t need to handle everything on your own.

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