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Harrisburg Paternity fathers rights segment optimizedAll children have the right to know who their father is. As a parent, you don’t want to take away that right. You might be a father seeking to establish your paternity to your child. Or you might be that hopeful mother who wishes for your child’s father to acknowledge the child as his. Whoever you are, if you have any paternity issues, we are here to help.

Panico Law Group, LLC offers a comprehensive legal service to address your concerns about paternity. With the knowledge and experience of our paternity attorneys, we can help you clearly understand what the Harrisburg family law is saying about your paternity.

We understand that every one of our clients needs our assistance for different reasons. Rest assured that our law firm will provide a personalized legal service that will ease and smoothen the legal process you need to undergo. Paternity issues can be messy without sufficient legal knowledge or proper guidance. Be a step ahead and work with an expert paternity attorney today.

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Establishing Paternity in Harrisburg

Columbus Child Support AttorneysThere are three ways to establish your paternity in Ohio. These are the following:

Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavit.
This is a legal form that parents will complete to add the biological father’s name in the child’s birth certificate. Once the parents sign the form, the paternity is then legally recognized. The paternity affidavit can be filled in the hospital at the time of the child’s birth. It can also be completed later on at the local registrar or the child support enforcement agency (CSEA) in the mother’s county of residence.

To complete the form, each parent needs an ID and social security number. Both of them should write their full names, current addresses, states and counties of birth, and dates of birth. The father is additionally required to write down the following information: highest educational attainment, employment, and insurance. The affidavit must then be signed by both parents in the presence of a public notary and have it notarized, although they are not required at all to sign the form at the same time. Also, note that these notaries are provided without any charges at hospitals, local registrars, and CSEAs.

Administrative Order of Paternity.
This is an order issued by the child support enforcement agency if the paternity of the man was proven through their conducted genetic testing. This is an option commonly chosen by unmarried parents who wish to make sure of the man’s fatherhood first before establishing his paternity. If the mother lives in Ohio, contact the CSEA in her county of residence. If she doesn’t, however, the CSEA in the father’s county of residence should be contacted.

Court Order of Paternity.
Another way to establish paternity is to have it ordered through a juvenile court or through a domestic relations court, whichever is more appropriate in your case. If you want to know what is the best way for you to establish your paternity, consult a local paternity attorney.

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Benefits of Establishing Paternity

father tightly hugging childYou’re maybe asking why you need to establish paternity. Here are some of the reasons for and benefits of establishing paternity in Harrisburg, OH:

  • Both the parents and the child will be given their necessary and well-deserved rights and opportunities.
  • The father will gain legal rights to his child.
  • The child will have access to benefits from his/her father’s social security, life insurance, health insurance, military benefits, and inheritances.
  • The child will have access to both his/her parents’ medical histories and lineages.
  • Both parents can establish an emotional bond with their children.
  • Both parents will share the responsibilities and benefits of parenting.

If you want an in-depth discussion of how established paternity can benefit you, consult a paternity attorney now. Contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation with a paternity attorney in Harrisburg now.

Child Support and Paternity

Harrisburg Paternity Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205When it comes to child support, the father is not immediately required to pay it once his paternity is established. In most cases, the child’s official guardian will have to file a request for support. Under Ohio family law, courts are authorized to award child support retroactive to a child’s date of birth along with birthing expenses. Also, every person involved in a paternity case is not required to pay back child support.

Moreover, child support and visitation are two separate issues involved in establishing paternity. Visitation remains the parent’s right, even if he is behind in child support payment. It is also important to remember that the law does not recognize any amount of child support that doesn’t go through a county agency. An example of this is when the father buys items for his child. This isn’t legally considered as a form of the child support payment.

If you have any more questions you wish to be clarified, consult a legal expert. Contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation with a paternity attorney in Harrisburg, OH now.

Paternity Lawsuit

father supporting childIf a man is convinced that he is the father of a child whose mother is not married to him, he can prove his fatherhood through filing a paternity lawsuit. It is then up to the court to decide if he has any legal rights to the child. Similarly, a mother can file a paternity action before the court. This is usually done when the father did not acknowledge the child, or there are other reasons for questioning the identity of a child’s father. A mother can file an action declaring who the father is or state that she is not sure who is her child’s father.

If a mother named a person she believed to be her child’s father, the court would then try to determine the person’s paternity. If the fatherhood has been proven, the court can then order for child support payments. If you are involved in a paternity lawsuit or thinking of filing for one, work with a paternity expert. Contact Panico Law Group, LLC at (614) 964-9860 for a free consultation with a paternity attorney in Harrisburg now.

Expert Paternity Attorneys in Harrisburg

Harrisburg Paternity Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Panico Law Group, LLC has already helped various individuals with their paternity issues. The legal services of our paternity attorneys are proven effective and commendable all across Harrisburg. We know the family law in Ohio, like the back of our hands. A certain legal advantage will be yours the moment you work with us. To make it better, our dedicated attorneys are all committed to giving you the most comprehensive legal service you can have.

We act proactively and efficiently. We take into consideration every concern you have and come up with the most appropriate legal action. It is the goal of Panico Law Group, LLC to prevent legal procedures from taking a heavy toll on our clients. From free consultations to legal representations, we have our top attorneys to help resolve your paternity case. If you are now in Harrisburg concerned about a paternity issue, talk to us, and we can help you out.

Free Legal Consultation

Harrisburg Paternity logo 2 300x120Legal procedures were never designed to be dealt with alone. And when it comes to family issues, it is all the more recommended to acquire help navigating through the process. Paternity concerns should be handled professionally and successfully. They will affect the children involved more than the parents. So do what’s best for your child, acquire help from a legal expert today.

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