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Paul and Adam earned my trust and respect.

As a business owner/executive with a complex financial estate, I relied on Paul Panico and his firm to protect the interests of my business and its 30 employees. Their understanding of complicated financial data and legal issues was invaluable. They selected the right outside experts and formed the right team. I appreciated their realistic approach, skill, expertise and sound advice. In my career, I work with many lawyers in other practice areas. Paul and Adam earned my trust and respect.

- Michael M. - Delaware, OH

Now I refer anyone I know that needs a family lawyer to him.

I can’t thank my friends who referred me to Paul enough. It’s bad enough when your marriage ends, but then going through a divorce, especially with an overly difficult lawyer on the other side, can be even worse. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Luckily I had Paul to guide me through it. My family and I benefitted from having the right lawyer. Now I refer anyone I know that needs a family lawyer to him.

- Matt C. - Columbus, OH

I feel that my issues and concerns have been taken to heart.

I am a current divorce client of Attorney Panico. I feel that my issues and concerns have been taken to heart. After years of a bad marriage, it was nice to be listened to and treated with respect. Paul and his staff work my case as if it is their own situation. Although we’re not millionaires, there have been significant hurdles throughout the case. I feel as if they are fighting on my behalf and using the tools and resources available to them to advance my interests.

- Colleen K. - Gahanna, OH

I found that Paul and his team were looking out for my best interest.

I sought legal representation from Paul for my divorce. My spouse, a prominent surgeon, was very aggressive and changed counsel many, many times. During this experience, I had to learn patience for a system that does not always run very quickly. I found that Paul and his team were looking out for my best interest and protecting me throughout and after the case concluded. I am currently in a post-decree matter and back with Attorney Panico. While I hope that I do not have to keep coming back as the years progress, I know that Paul, Adam and Beth are there for me to uphold the divorce agreement.

- Joanna S. - New Albany, OH

I would highly recommend Attorney Adam Eliot.

Removing myself and my son from a toxic marriage was the hardest choice I ever had to make, and I was frightened. Adam worked with me relentlessly and patiently. Adam is intelligent, thorough, kind and understanding. He was extremely busy, but always made time for me and kept me informed. He always had the best interest of my child in mind. What I valued most about him was that I could call him whenever I got really upset during the divorce roller coaster ride, and Adam was always the calm in my storm. He had a knack for reducing complicated issues down to the essential explanations and offering the concise advice I needed to help me get through the day. I would highly recommend Attorney Adam Eliot.

- Nicole D. - Westerville, OH

I felt fortunate and grateful to have Adam on my side.

Adam was a force wrapped in kindness. He guarded my rights and when my ex refused to be reasonable, his trial skills enabled me to get a favorable settlement. Seeing his work and my ex’s lawyer on display side by side in the courtroom, I felt fortunate and grateful to have Adam on my side.

- Maureen P. - Columbus, OH

Great lawyer

- Joseph Ducheine

Truly understands the law and cares for his client.

- Sara H.

Paul and hia staff are truly the best in Ohio.

Paul and hia staff are truely the best in Ohio. True class acts who have shown time and time again how much and how far they will go for their clients. I highly recommend Paul Panico. By far a class act bar none.

- Rick Trussell

Paul Panico cares about his clients.

Paul Panico cares about his clients. He's a good combination of kindness and toughness. He is currently handling a divorce filing for me, and the one attribute of his that I think permeates all of our interaction is his sense of fairness.


He seemed to be a true client advocate

I consulted Paul Panico regarding my divorce. He was professional, genuine, and compassionate. He proffered practical advice and provided options how to navigate this unpopular process. He seemed to be a true client advocate

- Roman Kovac

I'm very happy with the outcome.

The first time I consulted with Paul Panico I hired him right away for my case. My divorce was very difficult but Paul made everything very easy and settled any troubles we had in a timely manner. He put many hours into my case and treated every matter that would come up like his own. In the end I got to keep my house and all of my possessions and I get to see my child anytime I want. Paul fought for what I wanted through the divorce and I would recommend him to anyone with any legal matters and I have recommended him to many people. He is a very professional man, family orientated, and will fight to no extent for his clients. I'm very happy with the outcome of my divorce case and will always strongly suggest him to anyone. I spoke with many other fathers and I believe that Paul Panico is one of the best attorneys anyone could ask for with any matter.

- Jon Chandler

Paul is a wonderful attorney he truly cares about his clients.

Paul is a wonderful attorney he truly cares about his clients and their well-being he is very professional and knows the law what I loved about my experience with Paul and his team is that they really try to help people come to an agreement rather than having to drag things through court also the judge will come right to his office and you can sign off on papers so that you don't have to be humiliated in court rooms I definitely recommend Paul

- Susan Rawlings

I am sure that I will be using his services in the future.

I used Pauls services for a case that came about after my divorce and have used him several times since 2013 pertaining to my ex husband. He has been great to work with always upfront about what he thought and helpful with any questions that I had. I am sure that I will be using his services in the future.

- Jessica Stoke

Years of experience and goes above and beyond expectations.

Mr. Panico truly shows his years of experience and goes above and beyond expectations while getting you the best results possible. He is very professional and caring when it comes to his clientele. He is very knowledgeable and will help you reach your goals in your custody disputes.

- Christopher Cox

He is attentive, compassionate, forthright and professional.

Paul represented me in a child custody case. He is attentive, compassionate, forthright and professional. The only promise Paul made to me was that he would represent me to the best of his abilities. He delivered on his promise and met my expectations. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a 1st Class Family Law Attorney.

- Andrew Fox

Paul was being magnanimous.

When my wife of the time abruptly left me it truly tested my sense of trust. At 1st I thought our mediation was successful, having the court knock on my door told me that honeymoon was over. I then had to find an attorney myself. I interviewed many, and all were very professional, however Paul struck me as actually humanly concerned with my case. He took a long time for the 1st visit (at least an hour if not more) to talk me through the process and as I remember with no obligation to continue on or pay for this time. I found him wise and confident but without the hard edge I was expecting. He made the point that this will be over at some point and IF we can find a fair solution, all will win, most importantly our shared daughter. I really did not think he was going to be my attack dog to destroy my X nor was he interested in this role. Despite the temptation for the hurt I felt to want someone that would “go after my X” I did sense the wisdom of his views. Now my wife hired exactly the opposite, yep she had the attack dog. I remember our 1st meeting among us all, how Paul brought the opposing consul to meet me, and how he gave me the limp fish handshake and would not look m in the eyes. Paul was being magnanimous. Opposing consul was being as you would expect. He took the opposing consuls attacks with humor, dismissed them quietly and expertly with past cases he knew of and kept me (a very Irish guy) from losing my cool as I was being so insulted by the oppositions condescending and rude behavior. Paul earned my trust over time, I never felt concerned for what the end result would be. In our final meeting we had reach what appeared to be an unsolvable impasse and as everyone else seemed ready to dig in and fight to the death, it was Paul’s cool nature that kept alive the communication until there was a solution that arose from the open mindedness he gifted us all, he TRULY saved this from getting ugly and ½ hour later our case was settled. A week later I felt good, I had no “blood on my hands” nor did I lose anything that was not affordable in the realm of mutual and reasonable compromise and most of all I ended up with shared parenting which of all things was my most important goal. Now 2 weeks on I feel even better about the end result. If I can think of a character that best describes Paul is Columbo, that old detective on TV that because of his gentle nature many would underestimate. He did not help me win my case, he help my X and I win our daughter’s future In the best win win for all and by doing so made me the better man!

- Lotus Electrix

I’m over all pleased with Paul’s services.

Paul recently handled my case on helping me get custody of my two kids. Paul was a lot of help always available to talk or help even in emergency situations. Always in the best interest of my kids even. I literally had custody of my kids within the month of Paul’s help. I would like to think my case ended quicker then what I’ve heard of many other people as went through. Mine was all over in under a year!! I’m over all pleased with Paul’s services. I have and will continue to refer Paul to my friends or family. Paul’s 20 some years experience definitely pays off when in much need situations!!

- Chris Reynolds

I will gladly recommend Paul and Adam.

Paul and Adam were my saviors during the time of my custody issues. They were very caring and honest throughout my entire case. I was extremely fearful while going through the court process, but they always assured me that things would work in my favor! There was never a moment I questioned the direction my case was going. If any family or friends ever need a child custody attorney, I will gladly recommend Paul and Adam.

- Stevie Valentine

I am very impressed.

I have only had an initial consultation with Paul but so far I am very impressed. He is professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about the outcome of my case.

- Jarod Rogers

Paul has significantly exceeded my expectations.

My experience with Paul has significantly exceeded my expectations. Complex situations and disputes were resolved with the greatest of ease while maintaining logical outcomes for all parties involved. His expertise and overall character has left a lasting impression on myself and my family; he is what ALL lawyers should aspire to be.

- Don Thomas

Truly understands the law and cares for his client.

- Elizabeth Belin

Thanks for everything Paul you are a great guy as always.

Paul has represented me for 25 years through divorce child custody and other issues. Just recently he represented my wife Julie and l in a custody case concerning her son. Paul is a professional caring person. He understands people and the system. He got us excatly what we were seeking.lf you want a lawyer that will listen communicate with you through everything in a personal and professional manner we recommend his law firm to anyone for any legal needs. Thanks for everything Paul you are a great guy as always.

- Rick Wallace

Professional all through out.

Paul and team were great to work with. Professional all through out.

- Adam Hollar

High Caliber Family Lawyer

High Caliber Family Law Representation from a Professional, Distinguished, Courteous and Dedicated Attorney who puts Clients First! I was so skeptical at first since I've never retained an attorney before. I've worked for attorneys, so I know how some of them can be. Since Paul was so much more responsive than other attorneys, I was willing to pay his higher-than-average hourly rate-- especially after he made it clear that he wasn't going to retire off me and if it was justifiable, he'd balance the scales. Also, 29 years of experience is invaluable when you're trying to negotiate with unreasonable opposing counsel. I felt like I knew Paul my whole life after sitting down with him for our initial consult 10 months ago. He listened to every excruciating detail I had to give him and took great notes. It was obvious he wanted to make sure I was fully protected going into the ordeal. I had NO idea the opposing counsel we were going up against would sink so low not only in professionalism, but in just supporting a fair & positive outcome for the best interest of our child. Paul and his long-time Paralegal kept me abreast of every trick, delay and dramatic inject opposing counsel added to the mix. With magistrates failing to show and numerous month-to-month hearing "pushbacks" (opposing counsel would purposely wait until the day of court or close of business the day prior to present their offers), it became a game of attrition for opposing counsel. She was hoping I would just "settle" and drop the contempt against my ex-wife who kept my daughter for nearly three months without even notifying the court or modifying our agreement. Long story short, opposing counsel was able to drag this relatively simple case out for ten months at the expense of our child, the valuable time of the courts, the court guardian ad-litem and her own name. Paul argued for the best interest of our child and for a timely, fair outcome for both parents despite all of the petty drama stemming from opposing counsel. Approximately 8 months of hearings (or lack thereof), I had spent thousands on two attorneys (including court guardian ad-litem) and couldn't take much more. That's when Paul worked with me to make sure we got through this ordeal together. He was a man of his word and provided the legal protection, arguments and filings needed to ensure that I got 50/50 custody of our daughter and significantly more time with her. I wish I would have retained him back in 2015! If you need an attorney who WILL fight for your rights as a loving parent when you're going into a scary legal situation and you want a legal professional who WILL respond to you promptly, Paul Panico is your best bet in Central Ohio. Take it from me, a guy so skeptical to ever retain legal help in the first place. It's worth the money to establish your self as a parent for many years to come!!!

- David Bartholomew

Working with the team at Panico Law has been great.

Working with the team at Panico Law has been great. They are prompt with answers to my questions and get fantastic results for their clients. I highly recommend them.

- Chris Baker

I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone.

I hired Paul about two years ago for a custody case and I couldn’t complain one bit he always answered my calls and kept me updated on everything I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone.

- Derek Nelson

They are simply the best.

I will recommend Paul R. Panic Law any day, found them online, called for an appointment and had the most seamless process ever. Paul sense of humor makes it more relaxing, they are simply the best.

- Audrey Yirenkyi

Very friendly and helpful in answering all my questions.

Paul and his staff were very friendly and helpful in answering all my questions.

- Leann Bowman

Paul was a fantastic lawyer...

Paul was a fantastic lawyer...he kept me informed on everything in my divorce..court dates etc....and helped me decide the best avenue to go to get what I wanted and needed...he represented me very professionally ...Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great divorce attorney...I am very happy with the outcome. Bill

- Bill Repp

It'll be the best decision you make!

I cannot describe in words how much Paul Panico and his team has done for me. To be honest, I chose Paul to fight my custody case because I couldn't waste anymore time interviewing lawyers. I later discovered that this spur of the moment decision was the best decision in my life. Beth at the front desk has always been a warm ray of sunshine whenever I called. This sweetheart always made me feel that everything would be ok and every issue was urgent. Beth never blew off my feelings or what I had to tell her. I was nervous when Adam would come to represent me because I felt that Adam didn't know my case like Paul. Let me tell you, I was 100% WRONG! Adam is very intelligent and an effective litigator. He is not very social like Paul but he is very strong in court. He represented me very well when Paul couldn't make it. Adam is silent but deadly! Everyone collaborated together on my case so that everyone was up to date. This was something I didn't know or expect but came to a surprise when I discovered how Paul kept everyone informed. Paul always knew how to keep me calm and stay positive. Paul is the only lawyer I can say that actually cares about people. He would call to checkup on me to make sure I was doing ok and if I needed anything. What lawyer does this!? Paul and his team doesn't look for a payday, they have loving and caring hearts. I didn't feel like I only had a legal team on my side. For almost three years, I felt like I had a family by my side. Many times I would call crying because of what my ex would do, Paul and his team were there to listen and help ease my worries. When my case ended, I was given the best advice rather than continue fighting and them getting more money. They told me the deal on the table was the best option even though it meant their job was finished. They weren't looking for more money, I feel Paul and Adam told me what was in my best interest. I took their advice against my own feelings because I trusted them with all my heart. I won my case because of them. I am a guy that won my case in a state that favors the mother because I had the best darn legal team on my side. Thank you very much to Paul, Adam, and Beth for always being there for me! If I didn't have to move 2 hours from them, I would keep them on my side fighting my ex from her vicious attacks because there is no one I would ever trust more! If you want the best legal representation, choose Paul and his team. It'll be the best decision you make!

- Jeffrey Homolak

Forget the Rest, Go with the Best!

These People are Real Attorney's. Forget the Rest, Go with the Best! Simply Amazing.

- Brad Park

Panico law gets results.

I really appreciated Paul’s approach of being a nonsense attorney. He is straight forward with the entire process. In my initial meeting with Paul he laid out my case and explained what he felt the results of of case would be and he was dead on. Throughout the entire process Beth (Paul’s paralegal) was refreshing to work with. She was always willing to answer any questions I had. Panico law gets results. Thanks again Paul and Beth for all your support during this difficult time in my life.

- Brian Davenport

Excellent and professional lawyers.

Excellent and professional lawyers. There are the best in town.

- Joe Ala